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Understanding the Challenges: Northern BC

Finding solutions to the issues facing companion animals in the northern region of BC requires a clear understanding of both the nature and the extent of the problems. While all organizations are keenly aware of the circumstances they deal with on a day-to-day basis, there is no information on the regional sitation. This information is required to develop action strategies and to seek financial support.

This informal collection of information will be compiled to create a snapshot of the current state of animal welfare in Northern BC. Organizations will not be identified in any publication of the information collected in this survey, providing your organization's name is optional.

Collection of this information is voluntary and no judgements will be made on the nature or quality of care decisions made by your organization. We are simply hoping to create a resource of statistics for planning and fundraising efforts.


*not in foster or ready for adoption
# of cats in care: *not in foster or ready for adoption
# of dogs available for adoption:
# of dogs available for adoption:
# of cats in foster care:
# of cats euthanized in 2010:
# of cats transported for adoption:
What city or cities were your dogs and/or cats transported to?:
What would you identify as your most urgent needs?
Please describe successful programs or activities of your organization:
What is the biggest challenge your organization faces in accomplishing your animal care goals?
The Community Coalition will be pursuing every opportunity to raise public awareness of animal welfare issues in Northern BC in the media. Would you be willing to be contacted by the media?:
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